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Top-Rated Pressure Washing in Frisco: Lucid Scope Window Cleaning

When it's time to pressure wash your residence or commercial property, look no further than the best in the business. We are Lucid Scope Window Cleaning, and we are proud to serve Frisco-area homeowners and business owners.

No professional pressure washing company in the Frisco region offers what Lucid Scope Window Cleaning does. Our professional team has the skills and expertise to meet all your pressure washing needs. We guarantee you'll be satisfied with our service. Whether you require traditional pressure washing or have a very specific need, rest assured that Lucid Scope Window Cleaning will devise a plan specific to your request, and we guarantee top-notch results. Once you make the call, we at Lucid Scope Window Cleaning will put our plan into action.

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Why Choose Lucid Scope Window Cleaning

Veteran -Owned

Josh is all about attention to detail. He is proud to bring his dedication and superior work ethic to you, and over 10 years he has developed a reputation for trust and overall customer satisfaction. These are the qualities you can expect consistently from Lucid Scope Window Cleaning.

10+ Year of Experience

Lucid Scope Window Cleaning was established to provide exceptional window cleaning services in the Frisco area for years to come. Knowledge, experience, superior work ethic, and dedication to customers have combined to allow us the opportunity to build a customer base we're proud of.

Commercial-Grade Equipment

Pressure washing requires not only "how-to" knowledge but also the correct equipment. This means knowing when to turn the pressure down in order to protect and preserve materials but also when to turn the pressure off, depending on the job at hand.

Customer First

Lucid Scope Window Cleaning puts customers first. In fact, our customers comment about not only how hair our estimates are but how efficient Josh is in completing whatever pressure washing task customers need. From start to finish, our clients are our No. 1 priority!

Weekend Hours

We are proud to offer 12 hours of service -- 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. --on Saturdays, as well as the same hours Monday through Friday. Sometimes weekends work better for you. That's fine with us. We will work with your schedule so we can get the job done when you want it done!

Reach Out for a Full Scope of Our Process
residential pressure washing

Residential Pressure Washing Services in Frisco

Lucid Scope Window Cleaning features the most complete residential pressure washing offerings for your house, sidewalk, patio, roof, and gutters. Annual pressure washing treatments for your Frisco home will help keep you and your loved ones healthy and safe.

Get Those Hard Water Spots Removed From Your Windows With Our Window Cleaning Services

Our pressure washing team can access tricky spots that homeowners and commercial property owners sometimes can't reach. We use a pressure washing system designed to remove any and all substances from the window's exterior, the casing, and the frames.

Lucid Scope Window Cleaning doesn't just point a pressure washer and blast away the exterior buildup. Depending on how dirty the windows are, we might perform a high-pressure method to complete an initial cleanse to wash away the dirt, and then we work on cleaning the glass.

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commercial pressure washing

Commercial Pressure Washing Services in Frisco

First impressions mean everything in the business world. So when your commercial property requires a pressure washing treatment, trust Lucid Scope Window Cleaning to make this happen. Your business is our business too, and we work tirelessly to make your commercial property shine.

house washing

Get Your Property Professionally Cleaned With Our House Washing Services

Is your Frisco-area residence due for a house washing treatment? If so, give your property what it deserves, and contact Lucid Scope Window Cleaning to schedule that much-needed pressure washing treatment today.

Heat, humidity, and rain combine to make it easy for mold and moss to find their way into cracks and crevices on your roof and in between and on your siding panels. House washing is the way to eliminate current unsightly blemishes and prevent future unwanted eyesores.

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Cities We Wash

We are proud to bring our services to cities across north central Texas, where humidity, heat, and storms often leave their marks in the way of mold, dirt, and black streaks. But don't despair, we are ready to go to work for you.

Results You See That Will Last
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Starwood neighborhood in Frisco Texas

Starwood neighborhood in Frisco Texas

This project was a lot of fun. For this one, I pressure-washed the patio and around the pool. I also clean the patio furniture. Upon arrival, I walked the property to gauge the work needed and the proper equipment it would take to complete the job. […]

Top Quality Window Cleaning Tools

Top Quality Window Cleaning Tools

Here I have my Xero screen cleaner and Xero Pure water-fed pole, I took this picture at a client home in Celina Texas. The XERO Pure is a three-stage water purification system and is an ideal choice for taking your window cleaning game to the next level. […]

Window Cleaning Frisco Texas

Window Cleaning Frisco Texas

Today in Frisco Texas I cleaned a home in the Chapel Creek neighborhood. This home was approximately 7,000 square feet. The client wanted the exterior windows of his home cleaned. I cleaned the windows on the second level with a water-fed pole set up. This method allows […]

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Only if the material is strong enough to withstand a high-pressure approach. This is determined by completing a close-up, in-depth inspection of every window we clean.

We can, but it's vital that you contact us ASAP. The longer spray paint sits, the harder it is to remove. So if your property has been tagged, don't delay; grab your phone and call 469-636-7765.

Roofs protect you and your loved one from the elements. This exterior feature must operate at 100% efficiency. Keeping it clean via professional pressure washing will increase its life and ensure it does its job.

Our contractor-grade decontaminants are effective but also safe and are a facet of removing these stains. A combination of soft washing and high-pressure washing with high-performing equipment will get these stains out.

Get Your Property Professionally Cleaned With Our Pressure Washing Experts in Frisco!