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Starwood neighborhood in Frisco Texas

Starwood neighborhood in Frisco Texas

April 14, 2024

Starwood neighborhood in Frisco Texas

This project was a lot of fun. For this one, I pressure-washed the patio and around the pool. I also clean the patio furniture. Upon arrival, I walked the property to gauge the work needed and the proper equipment it would take to complete the job. After setting up the pressure washing machine, I moved the patio furniture out of the way. I begin closest to the house and work my way towards the back of the property. The pressure washing took about 3 hours to clean everything thoroughly. When fishing I move the patio furniture back in place. When everything is done, I walk the area and post-treat and heavy stains on the travertine around the pool. I use a chemical called Sodium Hypochlorite. This will dwell on the stained area for a few minutes. I then use a water hose to rinse the area.

On this project, I also did a full exterior window cleaning. I used a water-fed pole system to clean the exterior windows. I started with the front of the home and worked my way around the home using my water-fed pole system to clean all the windows. This machine allows me to clean windows without any chemicals. It uses a water purification system to remove all minerals from the water. thus allowing me to clean with a ladder or any squeegees. The water will dry on the windows spot-free.

I enjoyed working on this project for a returning client. This is the second home I have cleaned for this client.

I am looking forward to working in the Starwood neighborhood in Frisco Texas again. I offer a full exterior cleaning package for all homes I service.

Pressure Washing, Concrete Cleaning, Soft Washing method to the exterior of homes, Window Cleaning for both interior and exterior.

Service provided: Residential Pressure Washing

Location: Frisco, TX

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