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Top Quality Window Cleaning Tools

Top Quality Window Cleaning Tools

March 8, 2024

Top Quality Window Cleaning Tools

Here I have my Xero screen cleaner and Xero Pure water-fed pole, I took this picture at a client home in Celina Texas.

The XERO Pure is a three-stage water purification system and is an ideal choice for taking your window cleaning game to the next level. By purifying water during the cleaning process for glass or solar panels, it ensures spot-free results.

I use this tool on residential homes every day. It's simple to set up. I hook up a hose from the water source from the home, then I hook up the other end to my filtration system. The next hose is 150 feet I hook it up to the system. At the end of this hose, I attach my cleaning pole. The hose runs through the pole and has water that comes out through a brush. This is how you can clean windows without any chemicals. Simply use the brush to clean the glass, once you have finished scrubbing the window, pull back the brush from the glass and rinse the window from top to bottom. This will leave the very best result, without leaving streaks or spots on the window. This method of cleaning is only used for the exterior of the home.

The XERO Screen Cleaner makes screen cleaning easier than ever. This innovative system features top-tier scrubbing power with four durable nylon brushes attached to sturdy aluminum rods that deep-clean the screen and frame simultaneously. The built-in shutoff valve helps you conserve water.

Water is delivered to the center of the washer through one feeder hose that comes standard with a garden hose fitting. This makes for easy hook-up or installation of a soap dispenser.

The Xero screen cleaner is a true game-changer for window cleaners. Clients love seeing this tool being put to use. The screens come out super clean, removing any dirt or dust in the screen. It also cleans the frame of the screens. A quick wipe with a microfiber towel after you're done and the mesh from the screen is clean as well as the frames.

These are just a couple of the tools I use every day when servicing clients in Celina, and surrounding areas. They present to the clients that you're a professional in your work. This helps them to have confidence and trust in you. Gives them peace of mind that they hired the right guy to service their home.

Location: Celina, TX

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